Core Values

Hamilton-Ryker adheres to the following core values:


Team members and The Company deal with one another, suppliers and customers with unquestioned integrity and trust.


Fairness is the hallmark of The Company’s relationship with all team members. Everyone can expect consistent treatment.

Respect for Individuals:

Every team member, customer and supplier is treated with dignity and respect.

Emphasis on Personal Competency:

Everyone is fully competent in what they do. The Company has the responsibility to ensure this by whatever training is necessary.

Individuals and Business are Inseparably Tied Together:

The welfare of team members and our business are inseparably tied together. In this atmosphere, everyone wins together.


Everyone works together in a spirit of collaboration and support. We have no inside “enemies”.


We unhesitatingly make changes in the way we do things if it makes sense.

Informed Decision Making:

Decisions are made with input from all stakeholders.


We are seen as a valuable asset by our customers and the communities in which we do business.

Fair Return on Investment:

We conduct our business in order to receive a fair return on the investment of our stockholders.


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