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TalentGro Military

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If you are a U.S. Veteran, Active Military, or family member and would like to learn about employment opportunities and apprenticeship jobs, click here. 

Many of our heroes and their spouses re-entering the civilian world face unique challenges when it comes to employment. Hamilton-Ryker TalentGro is a proud partner of TrainOurTroops, a veteran non-profit organization that provides U.S. veterans, and their spouses, with advanced online training programs, soft skills training, and certification solutions to give them a competitive advantage in the civilian marketplace and ignite their careers.

By working together, TalentGro and TrainOurTroops can provide military families with seamless solutions to assess their skill sets, train and certify them on skill sets that are in demand by organizations, market them to potential employers, prepare them for successful interviews, place them within successful organizations that align with their career goals, and encourage them to participate in apprenticeship jobs and military communities. We lift the entire veteran family.

With combined efforts, a wide range of training, apprenticeship jobs, and other employment opportunities across many industries are available to veteran families. Together, TalentGro and TrainOurTroops are preparing today’s heroes for tomorrow’s success.


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