Tips for Success

Follow these guidelines to be more productive and make your assignments with Hamilton-Ryker more enjoyable and rewarding:

  • Be on time every day that you work.
  • Ask questions to be sure you understand what you’re being asked to do.
  • Be polite, cooperative and willing to help whenever you’re asked.
  • Maintain confidentiality. You should never discuss your work with anyone other than your supervisor.
  • Notify your Hamilton-Ryker representative of any requested changes in your job duties or if you’re asked to operate equipment or perform a task for which you haven’t been trained.
  • Outside of breaktime or lunchtime, don’t make or receive personal telephone calls at work.
  • Notify your supervisor immediately when you finish your work. Ask if there’s more work you can do. If none is given, use your free time constructively.
  • Wear appropriate attire for your assignment.
  • Don’t walk off the job. If your job is not running smoothly, call Hamilton-Ryker. We’re your employer and can help you with any job-related problem.
  • Submit your hours worked, on time, to prevent delays in your pay.

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