To all of our current and prospective clients, we wanted to take this opportunity to apprise you of our efforts with respect to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Updated 5/6/2020

As businesses and the economy begin to open back up, we wanted you to know that OUR temporary workers’ safety and well-being remains paramount to us, as is the safety and well-being of YOUR employees who may be returning to work.

Therefore, we have created a Return to Work Guide, which represents H-R’s current and next phase practices regarding the recommended operation of its offices and guidelines for its internal employees, associates and clients based on current guidance from Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protection Association (EPA), World Health Organization (WHO), and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) where and when permitted by law, during the time when the COVID-19 outbreak is considered a pandemic. As circumstances and guidance change, the appropriate actions to be taken by H-R may also need to change.

We trust that you are advising your employees similarly and that you will apply the same safety policies and procedures to Hamilton-Ryker’s temporary workers that you apply to your own employees. However, if you do not currently have a plan in place for a safe return to work, we stand ready to assist you in navigating this public health challenge and furthering the well-being of all employees.

To begin, we will be conducting our 2nd quarter safety evaluations with a focus on clients’ plans and offering solutions.  Below are some of the recommendations for a safe reopening.

  • Develop a flowchart telling what to do/who is the responsible contact for each type of situation
  • Open additional entrances where available, to reduce the number of people encountering one another
  • Add additional time clocks to reduce numbers, or manually clock in-out for employees
  • Use a Q-tip or other items for touch pad electronics instead of using touch pad
  • Use spacing stickers on the floor in high traffic walk areas
  • Remove seats in breakroom/lunchroom facilities to reduce proximity to others
  • Eliminate all self-serve or hot bar food stations – allow grab-and-go only
  • Increase cleaning of all high traffic and high-touch areas (restrooms, breakrooms, door handles, vending machines)
  • Potential face shields for employees that are not able to observe the 6ft. spacing requirements
  • Add hand wash/sanitizer stations throughout the facility (timeclocks, vending, and entrances)
  • Provide masks and gloves (voluntary) for employees who wish to use as additional PPE
  • Potentially perform no-touch temperature checks in parking lot as they enter gate/facility

If you would like to discuss your plan, or even review our guide please reach out to a representative from your servicing office, and they would be glad to help.  As your partner, we are in this together, and will get through it together!

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Our Total Workforce Solution approach brings effective resolutions to your toughest staffing challenges.

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Hamilton-Ryker provides the tools and resources you need to get it all done. We are…

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Hamilton-Ryker tailors staffing services to your specific needs from traditional staffing to onsite management to MSP services.

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Our staffing managers are tenured experts with many years of workforce management experience. We invest in our staff’s development by supporting their efforts to become CSP certified.

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Our service includes a safety audit to ensure the worker safety and minimize the cost and risk of injuries. We are a National Safety Council Safety Standard of Excellence recipient.

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