What to Wear to a Temporary Job Interview

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When you go to your light industrial or administrative interview, be sure to dress appropriately. Your goal is to let the interviewer know you’re polished and ready to do your very best! Yet, you don’t want to overdress for the occasion. So, what should you wear to your job interview to make the right impression and land the position?

Keep it neat and professional

You don’t need to wear formal interview attire, such as a suit. Instead, a safe bet for your interview is business casual clothes. This is more formal than what you’d normally wear on the job, but shows you’re professional and taking the interview seriously. For men, a good choice is dark-colored dress pants or khakis and a button-down shirt. For ladies, you might choose a skirt and blouse, or dress pants and blouse. Always be sure your clothes are clean and pressed and your shoes are in good shape.

What not to wear

To give the best impression for your interview, avoid clothes that are dirty or in poor shape. Avoid jeans, sneakers, work boots or T-shirts, and for ladies, stay away from tight or revealing clothing. You might even consider picking up a new interview outfit. It can never hurt to have a professional outfit ready to go if you need one!

The value of working with a recruiter

When you’re in search of a new job, a recruiter is a valuable partner. Your recruiter will help you find a job that matches your career goals—and help you get started on the path to your future! Plus, you’ll gain access to the “hidden” job market, since many employers work directly with recruiters for staffing and jobs are never advertised.

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