The (Unofficial) Guide: How to Follow Up After Applying for a Job

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You’ve found a job that looks interesting and your qualifications match. So, of course you applied! However, hitting the “submit” button shouldn’t be the last move you make on your way to (hopefully) a new job. Nothing is set in stone, but you can take steps to help improve your chances of getting called for an interview. Here’s what you can do.

Simply doing nothing may ruin your chances of getting hired. So after you submit that application, follow these four steps to get closer to your next job:

  1. Email your application directly to the hiring manager. Many companies have generic submission services that require you to upload your resume and complete an online form to apply. These will usually go to a generic inbox. However, you can also reach out to the company, ask for the email of human resources or specifically the hiring manager, and send your application to them. This follow-up step shows you’re serious and may help your application capture the hiring manager’s attention.
  2. Update your social media profiles. Rest assured, you will be Googled—it’s part of the modern hiring process. So be sure to update your LinkedIn profile so it matches the content in your resume. Other social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, should only contain photos and posts you wouldn’t mind sharing with a potential employer—so do any clean-up you need to right away.
  3. Make connections. When you Google the company name, you may be able to find other employees on LinkedIn or Twitter. Or, employees may even have their own blogs. Start an online conversation about something you have in common, or simply compliment a post they wrote. If you’re able to establish a connection, mention you’ve recently applied and ask for a possible introduction to the hiring manager.
  4. Reach out. Within 1–2 weeks after applying, call the HR department of the company to get the email address of the hiring manager. Since a phone call directly to the hiring manager may come across as too intrusive, an email sends the message you’re interested, but respect the hiring manager’s time. This can help to keep your name top of mind.

Follow-up is important

You want to be sure you land an interview, and these steps can help you get your “foot in the door” at your company of choice. Showing you care and are highly interested is critical in getting hired.

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