Three Strategies to Help You Fill Your Open Jobs (Fast!)

 In Strategic Staffing and Recruiting

Sometimes it may seem top talent is in short supply. This is especially critical when you need to staff up—right away. To cover employee medical leaves of absence or recent turnover, how can you find, interview and onboard the right workers for your company as quickly and easily as possible? Just work with a staffing agency.

Adjust your recruiting process for the best results

If you’re having trouble getting new workers into place in a reasonable amount of time, it could be you need to review and revise your hiring process. Working with a recruiter helps you improve the efficiency of your recruiting process—now and in the long term. You’ll be able to save time and money while finding best-matched employees for either temporary staffing, temp-to-perm or direct hire. To plan for a process that continues to deliver highly qualified new talent, time and again, follow these three staffing best practices:

  1. Partner with a recruiting firm that specializes in your industry and market. Also known as a niche or boutique firm, it makes sense to work with an agency that specializes in what your business does best. Why? Because niche recruiters are familiar with the ins and outs of your market segment—including what qualifications are needed to excel, what experience should be present at the time of hire and what can be acquired on the job. These and other questions are easily answered by a recruiter who knows, and this can help you find the best hires for your business.
  2. Trust and follow your recruiter’s process. They’re the experts. Your recruiter has a tried-and-true method for sourcing the staff you need—just have faith in their expertise! They will work with you to understand your staffing needs and recommend talent to fit your job openings. Your recruiter stakes their reputation on the success of matches, so you can rest assured you’re being placed with the very best—either active or passive candidates. Of course, you should feel comfortable working with your staffing agency, so if their processes and policies seem to clash with your company mission, vision or even gut instincts, simply find one with whom you feel comfortable.
  3. Keep open lines of communication with your recruiter. This is the best way to ensure continuously successful candidate placement. Let your recruiter know how your temps and permanent hires are doing—regular feedback is vital to a clear understanding of your future staffing needs. Even after your initial order is filled, keep your recruiter up to date on your organization goals, growth initiatives and company changes for proactive input on your behalf.

In search of a staffing partner?

Hamilton-Ryker works with employers in Lexington, KY and beyond to find and place highly qualified talent. If you’re in the market for light industrial or administrative staff, simply reach out to our experienced recruiters. Our focus is on “small-town values and cutting-edge results,” and we want to work with you to build a staffing relationship on which you can rely—now and in the future. To learn more, contact Hamilton-Ryker today!

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