Unemployed and Can’t Find a Job? Here’s What to Do

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Being out of work is difficult. Especially if you can’t seem to find a job. You may feel frustrated and discouraged, but have no fear! You can take steps to make it faster and easier to locate job opportunities and be on your way to your next position. Here’s how.

Five job search tips

Looking for guidance in your job search? Just follow these five tips from staffing expert Hamilton-Ryker to get one step closer to your next job:

  1. Tailor your cover letter and resume. You want to position yourself as the best choice for a job opening. And for that reason, you never submit the same paperwork to every job to which you apply. Instead, it’s important to position your knowledge and experience as it applies to each job—and this requires creating a custom version of your documents. Carefully review a job description and then consider how your past work experience and qualifications fit what the job requires. Then, craft your cover letter and resume to match.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile. This includes updating your work history, skills, accomplishments and profile picture. Your LinkedIn profile is available for the world to see and serves as your online resume. Plus, it’s a document a potential employer will definitely peruse, so it’s important to take the time to make yours shine. For a full list of upgrade suggestions, you can do a simple Google search.
  3. Consider relocating. If you’re having a hard time finding open jobs where you live, it’s possible there just aren’t many to be had. Moving to a bigger city or more populated area can result in a wider selection of available jobs. It can also help to move to a location that headquarters major companies that support your industry or trade.
  4. Try a temporary position. If you can’t find a full-time position, why not try temp work? You’ll gain the advantage of a paycheck while you search, plus you can build up your resume with additional experience. Also, your temporary position may turn into permanent placement if your employer is so inclined, so you may end up actually finding the full-time work you seek.
  5. Enhance your skills. As you review job descriptions, do you notice a common thread in the qualification requirements? If it’s for knowledge or skills you don’t currently have, why not make plans to learn and grow in your career? This could include taking classes, attending a seminar or training, doing some reading or even building your soft skills through volunteer or part-time experience.

Stay positive

The right job for you is out there—never give up! But if you feel you could use some guidance in your search, reach out to a staffing agency for help. Working with a recruiter can make your job search faster and easier than looking on your own.

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