Why You Should Work With a Staffing Firm That Offers a Workforce Development Program

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What’s a workforce development program and how does it help employers and candidates alike? First, a workforce development program helps enhance the knowledge and skills of workers—pure and simple. It’s offered by some staffing agencies to develop talent and help clients keep workers knowledgeable, engaged, happy and productive. It’s a win-win for all involved!

Why you should work with a staffing partner 

Of course, this is not a requirement if you’re looking to offer a workforce development program. However, when staffing agencies offer these programs, they’re an easy, convenient way to help your current workers stay motivated, while having access to a source for new, highly trained talent if you need to staff up.

Benefits of workforce development

Based on the industry, workforce development is essential. The goal is to help employees keep up with constantly developing trends, skills that apply to regulations, technology, machinery and policies. And it provides the following benefits:

  • Hands-off, hassle-free training. When you work with a staffing partner, you leave workforce development in the hands of professionals. It’s especially helpful to work with a niche firm familiar with your industry. This way, workers receive customized training that matches their career needs.
  • Happy, productive staff. Workers always able to learn something new are less likely to feel stagnated and bored in their careers. The human mind needs exercise that continuing education provides. And by helping your workers acquire marketable skills, they’ll feel accomplished, appreciated and confident. All of these factors add to a motivated staff.
  • Employee retention. Happy employees stick around. They’re dedicated to their work and to your company. And this helps you avoid the high cost of employee turnover and the potential morale dip that can accompany it.
  • Business success and growth. When your staff is engaged, energized and working hard, your end product is reaching your customers. This allows you to meet and exceed client expectations, make profits and keep your business successful.

Workforce development is valuable to employees

As industries evolve, your staff must evolve with them to remain competitive. Workforce development provides your workers with the skills they need not just to advance, but to keep pace. It’s valuable to them, as well as to your business.

Hamilton-Ryker helps candidates soar ahead!

With a focus on small town values, we pride ourselves on the guidance and support we provide to candidates. Our workforce development program helps you find the staff you need with the right skills, and helps you keep your workforce relevant and agile. Hamilton-Ryker helps employers in Hermitage, TN and beyond find administrative and light industrial staff. To learn more about our staffing options and other valuable services, contact us today!

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