Job Search Taking Too Long? Switch Up Your Strategy!

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In the hunt for a new job, you may begin to feel discouraged. This is especially true if you’ve been at it a long time. But there’s no need to go it alone—and a recruiter can help! You’ll save the stress and worry of finding a new job with the knowledge you’re being guided by a professional. Plus, recruiters can cut down the time it takes to find a job on your own.

Four reasons to work with a recruiter

Many businesses hire recruiters to help them fill open positions. And part of a recruiter’s job is locating the very best person for each job they need to fill. You can contact a staffing agency to speak with a recruiter—just introduce yourself, explain what type of job you’re looking for, and give them information about your qualifications and experience. Working with a recruiter helps you in the following ways:

  1. Speed up your search. Employers are generally looking to fill job openings quickly. So if a recruiter has decided you’re the right person for an available job, your search will move along much, much faster.
  2. Find unadvertised job openings. You may be searching through the usual job sites looking at the same opportunities everyone else is. Many employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill positions, meaning these openings are never even advertised. So by contacting a recruiter, you can access potential jobs you never knew existed.
  3. Get in front of hiring managers. When you apply to a job on your own, your resume lands in a stack of many others. A recruiter will be advertising on your behalf to a potential employer—helping your resume get noticed, and increasing your chances of landing an interview.
  4. Gain professional career advice. Your recruiter has recommended you and wants you to succeed. He or she will help you ensure your resume is on-point and your interview skills are sharp—so you’ll be prepared to do your very best to impress a hiring manager and get the job!

Make the most of your candidate/recruiter relationship

Treat every interaction with your recruiter as an interview. Be professional, dress the part and always have your paperwork and LinkedIn profile ready to go. Always return any calls or emails you get from your recruiter as quickly as you can—you never know what news awaits you! Even after you have a new job, keep your recruiter in the loop on how it’s going… you never know when you may need another one.

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