Hamilton-Ryker: A Proud Member of the American Staffing Association

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As a staffing industry resource, the American Staffing Association (ASA) is invaluable. Originally created to promote temp services and open up employment opportunities, the ASA today provides much more. The association and its members promote, but also protect staffing, recruiting and workforce solution industries through advocacy, research and education to maintain high ethical, legal and professional standards. In short: They are the backbone of the staffing industry for agencies, candidates and customers.

Benefits of the ASA to staffing agencies

Specifically, the ASA serves as a resource to staffing agencies and recruiters, providing legal guidance for help navigating business challenges and maintaining compliance with legislation. It also provides valuable data and educational opportunities to help staffing agencies remain competitive. This, in turn, allows agencies and recruiters to provide the highest quality job opportunities to candidates.

Hamilton-Ryker representatives are proud to participate in the ASA in the following capacities:

  • Kelly McCreight, CSP—ASA Chairman of the Board: 2017–present; former member of ASA Board of Directors
  • Brittany Burcham, CSP—ASA Mississippi Regional Counsel board member: 2016–present
  • Ronnie Cook, CSP—ASA Tennessee Council member and representative: 2015–present
  • Dedra Walker, CSP—ASA Industrial Section Council 2017–present; also served as a Staffing Ambassador for the ASA Convention in Chicago
  • Shari Franey, CSP/TSC—ASA DOL Apprenticeship Task Force; former State Chapter President for Pennsylvania
  • Hunter Broadway—ASA Public Relations Committee volunteer: 2018–present

Currently, many Hamilton-Ryker staff have achieved or are working towards the ASA accreditations of Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and/or Technical Services Certified (TSC). These credentials help demonstrate Hamilton-Ryker’s commitment to excellence in staffing professionalism and in the markets they serve.

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