Need More Training? How to Further Your Skills

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If you’re having a difficult time finding a job, you may need to increase your current skills. Gaining more education and training can also help you if you’re already working, but hope to advance in your field. As you learn more, you can move into higher-level positions and earn more pay. However, it can be stressful figuring out where to start.

Five ways to develop your job skills

When looking to increase your skills, capabilities and experience, it helps to think both short and long term. What would you like to do next, and where would you like to eventually end up? By setting a plan in motion, you’ll have an easier time achieving your dreams. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Review job descriptions. When you visit job sites like Monster or Indeed, look around at job possibilities or positions you might be interested in for the future. Check out the qualifications list to give you an idea of training and education you may need to advance into those positions.
  2. Take a class or training session. This may be on your own (if you’re currently unemployed) or through your employer (if you’re currently working). Some companies offer tuition reimbursement for continuing education for staff. You can check online with professional organizations to see what training or certifications might be recommended in your field.
  3. Find a mentor. If you know someone who’s currently working in your industry at the level you aspire to, contact them for a possible mentor relationship. Then, make plans to meet up and talk about their recommendations for how you can increase your skills. Learn about the path they took to get where they are.
  4. Shadow other employees in your company. If you’re currently employed, let your manager know you’re interested in learning new things and see if you can take a little time to shadow a co-worker. On-the-job training is some of the most valuable you can get.
  5. Check with your recruiter. Some staffing agencies offer career development to help you grow and succeed! Ask your recruiter what’s available through your agency.

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