How Your Recruiter Can Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview

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Resume and cover letter ready? Interview outfit selected? Questions and answers practiced? Check and check! However, despite all your preparation, you may still feel nervous for your upcoming interview. Did you know you can dispel some of your pre-interview jitters by working with a recruiter?

Three ways a recruiter helps you ace an interview

Recruiters are experts at the hiring process—after all, it’s what they do, day in and day out! Because of this, a recruiter can help you get ready for an upcoming interview by acting as a job coach, and this can help you enter your interview calmly and confidently. Recruiters give you the following valuable information:

  1. They understand what employers are looking for. Your recruiter has extensive experience working with employers—in some cases working exclusively as the staffing source for certain companies. This means your recruiter is extensively familiar with what an employer is looking for in a candidate and can pass this information on to you.
  2. They’ll offer pro interview tips. What should you say and what shouldn’t you say during your interview? What skills and experience will a potential employer want to know about? A recruiter understands what qualifications will make a candidate a top choice and will give you tips on how to best market yourself during your interview.
  3. They can give constructive criticism. If you go on an interview and aren’t chosen for the job, it’s valuable to find out why. A recruiter meets frequently with employers as they make their hiring decisions and can explain why you weren’t the number one pick. This type of information can help you improve and do better next time.

Your recruiter wants you to succeed

After all, it’s their job to find and place best-matched talent with open and available job opportunities. If a recruiter has contacted you about a position, it’s safe to assume you’re a great fit for the job. The next step for the recruiter is helping you succeed.

Ready for your next interview?

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