Six Benefits of Working With a Staffing Firm That Will Make Your Job Easier

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If you’re in need of additional employees, a staffing agency is an invaluable partner. Why? Working with a recruiter makes the job of finding, hiring and onboarding new workers much easier. Staffing agencies handle many or all key aspects of the hiring process—so you don’t have to. Plus, this partnership offers other unique advantages.

Six reasons to work with a staffing partner

When you need to staff up, consider the following reasons to outsource this function to the experts:

  1. Find highly qualified candidates. As the saying goes, good help is hard to find. This is especially true depending on your industry and the depth of the candidate pool. Working with a staffing partner, you’ll gain access to both active and passive candidates—those not currently looking for work. Plus, most agencies provide ongoing training, so if a worker needs specific qualifications to excel at your business, they can gain these skills and hit the ground running.
  2. Save time. Working with a recruiter is faster than sourcing talent on your own. The hiring process includes advertising open positions, reviewing resumes, interviewing, screening, negotiating salaries, hiring and onboarding. Staffing firms handle some or all of these steps, plus provide ongoing performance management—opening up your time to run your business.
  3. Maintain safety. The screening process is critical to the safety of your business and your full-time, permanent staff. That’s why staffing agencies offer full candidate screening, including skills testing, criminal background checks, credit checks and drug screening.
  4. Save money. Yes, there is a cost associated with staffing firm services. But in comparison to the expense of handling the full hiring process on your own, you may realize cost savings. Also, by getting the right employees in place, you’ll avoid the high cost of employee turnover.
  5. Fully vet potential permanent hires. Working with a staffing agency, you may have the option to work with an employee on a temporary basis before extending an offer for full-time employment. In this way, you can “test-drive” a potential hire to be sure they are a good match with your business, current staff and company culture.
  6. Flexible coverage. If you have a temporary need for additional staff, working with a recruiter is a perfect option for flexible coverage. You can hire workers to fill a staffing gap for as little or as long as you need additional coverage.

Still on the fence?

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s important to get the right workers in place. This makes all the difference in your company’s success, ensuring quality output and customer satisfaction. Working with a staffing agency, you gain access to highly qualified workers, a full range of staffing services, and support with the management of the agency’s workers.

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