Should You Be on LinkedIn According to Your Industry?

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LinkedIn is a popular social media site in the job market. It houses living resumes available online for all to see—it’s why many professionals have joined. If you’re an administrative professional wondering if you should create a LinkedIn profile, the short answer is: yes!

Why you should be on LinkedIn

Many recruiters and hiring managers visit LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates. In fact, it’s the number one place recruiters visit when looking for potential new talent. And since many employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill job opportunities, this means having a LinkedIn profile helps you get closer not only to your next administrative job, but also to positions not advertised to the public. A LinkedIn profile is a great entry point to meet recruiters, and then maintain contact.

Five ways to build a winning LinkedIn profile

Setting up your profile is fast and easy—plus it’s free! Once it’s set up, you should log in regularly to make updates as you learn new skills and build your work experience. Follow these tips for building a superstar LinkedIn page:

  1. Write a catchy, descriptive professional headline. This is the first thing visitors see. It should say exactly what you do, so it’s immediately obvious what the rest of your profile will contain and whether you might be a good fit for a job. Plus, this is the search criteria that will help recruiters and hiring managers find you. Examples include: Experienced Health Insurance Administrative Assistant, Automotive Industry Call Center Representative, etc.
  2. Include a good profile picture. You might even consider having a professional headshot taken. However, LinkedIn offers photo editing tools that can improve the look of many average photos, as do many smartphones. Use a photo that was taken of you, rather than a selfie. It should include just you without others cropped out.
  3. Create a good summary. When a recruiter is skimming your page, the summary section is a quick take-away of what you’re all about. In a paragraph, expand on what’s in your headline, highlight what you do, what you’re especially good at and any noteworthy accomplishments.
  4. Use your resume as a base. Though adding your work history may seem like a daunting task, just take the content from your resume. This is a fast way to get started!
  5. Ask for recommendations. You can connect with others. It’s a good idea to start with people you know: colleagues, co-workers and college friends are a few examples. Then, as you work with more people, ask for recommendations. These will help you build a strong LinkedIn presence that highlights your best work qualities!

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