Choosing Between the Right Candidate and Someone With More Training? Get the Best of Both Worlds!

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Finding the right talent is critical, but can be difficult. Sometimes, you may find yourself challenged when you find a potential employee who would fit great with your company culture, plus has all the right soft skills and loads of potential—but just isn’t quite qualified. It may seem counterintuitive and even scary to consider hiring this person. But you have some important factors to consider.

Trainable candidates are an advantage

It can be more beneficial to your business to bring someone on board who has a lot of potential than to hire a candidate who has all the right skills but doesn’t seem like they’d fit with your company culture. On-the-job skills can easily be learned by a smart, flexible candidate—but people skills? Those often just come naturally. And when a candidate doesn’t fit, it can be detrimental to the motivation of your other staff. It’s often a good choice to hire a worker who is motivated to learn!

It depends on your industry

For some job roles, such as those in law, medicine and finance—candidates require the wisdom that comes with education and experience. But for other job roles, ambition can trump experience. These include positions in office/administrative, customer service, medical assistance and many entry-level jobs. A candidate who is smart and willing to learn more can easily add the skills they need to do spectacular work that benefits your company.

What to look for

During an interview, pay close attention to a candidate’s problem-solving abilities and body language. They should have a friendly, positive demeanor and willingness to learn and grow. Passion for their work is also a plus. This is the type of candidate with upward mobility written all over them—a good and trainable choice!

Work with your recruiter

If you currently partner with a staffing agency to supplement your workforce, ask what training programs they offer. Many agencies provide the training candidates need to advance in their careers and become experts at what they do. Since staffing agencies stake their reputation on the success of their placements and client satisfaction, they want to give their candidates every opportunity to excel.

In need of a staffing partner?

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