How to Find a Great Job Without a Degree

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College is nice, but it’s not for everyone. Many like to jump right into the working world as soon as possible! The good news is not all jobs require a college degree, and you can be gainfully employed without ever stepping onto a college campus. You just need to know where to look and how to be successful.

Steps to find great job opportunities

If you don’t have a college degree and you’re in search of a job, just follow these tips:

  • Look in the right field. Some fields, like engineering or law, require a college education. But many other fields do not. Jobs like customer service, office and administration, writing and medical assistant positions, for example, are available without a degree.
  • Try an apprenticeship. If you’re looking for a light industrial or construction job, it can help to start with an apprenticeship. This is also valuable if you’re looking to eventually move up. You’ll get hands-on training directly applicable to the job you’ll be performing, with no need to complete a degree.
  • Be prepared. As when applying to any job, you’ll need a winning resume and cover letter—but these documents don’t need to list any college education to be attractive to an employer. If you’re new to the working world, you can create a functional resume, which lists your skills and knowledge. If you’ve been working for a bit, but are looking for something new, you’ll want to list your chronological work history. It also helps to be fully interview-ready by practicing interview questions and answers.
  • Work with a recruiter. As a valuable partner in your job search, a recruiter can help you find both advertised and unadvertised job openings, and choose the one that’s right for you! Your recruiter can also help you with a wide range of career services, including apprenticeships, interview prep and resume building.

Looking for your next job?

If you’re in search of something new in Manchester, TN and beyond, but not sure how to get started, it helps to work with a recruiter. And for light industrial or administrative positions, Hamilton-Ryker is your top choice! We’ll work with you to understand your current skills and experience, and the type of job you’re hoping for. To learn more, contact us today to speak with an experienced recruiter.

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