Why You Should Work for an ESOP Staffing Firm

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Who doesn’t need a little more financial security? Many people build savings accounts and retirement funds, or purchase stocks and bonds to plan for their financial future. Another unique financial resource offered by some employers is an ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This benefit is offered to employees and allows you to own shares of stock in the company you work for. You receive stock shares as part of your employee benefits package, just as you would receive medical or dental insurance, or 401(k) retirement options.

How does an ESOP help you?

Like any other stocks or financial investments, ESOP shares provide you with added financial security. Your employer sets up a special trust fund for you and either contributes cash you can use to buy company shares, or purchases shares on your behalf. ESOP shares also have an added advantage. If your employer is doing well, your ESOP stock is also doing well. In this way, you have a unique way to impact the value of your stock by working hard and helping your employer succeed.

Most employers will hold your ESOP shares for you for safety and growth. When you retire or are eligible to receive the benefits (such as going on approved social security disability or through death), the ESOP benefits are available to cash in.

About Hamilton-Ryker

We’re a staffing agency that serves employers and candidates in the Western Tennessee, Central Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky markets, and we are proud to be an employee-owned company. Our ESOP is a retirement plan that allows employees to hold company stock. Plus, it provides our employees and associates with benefits after retirement or when you leave the company. You can learn more about Hamilton-Ryker’s ESOP benefits by visiting: https://www.hamilton-ryker.com/job-seekers/job-benefits/.

Looking for your next job in Lexington, KY?

Then Hamilton-Ryker is looking for you! We place qualified candidates with light industrial and office/administrative positions. We want to see you succeed—that’s why we also offer a workforce development program to help you increase your job skills. To learn more about our open jobs, available resources and more, contact us today to speak with an experienced recruiter!


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