Eight Pieces of Advice Every Job Seeker Should Hear

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If you’re currently out of work, don’t fear! Though joblessness can be stressful, it’s an important time to do your research, prepare and look forward to the future.

To help yourself through this time with flying colors and find a job you love, follow these eight key job search tips:

  1. Treat finding a job like a job. This has two major benefits. First, if you wake up every morning with a to-do list for what you want to accomplish that day in your job search, you’ll get closer to finding a new job. Second, when you’re actively doing something, you won’t feel helpless sitting around waiting for an email.
  2. Keep learning. Stay up to date on what’s happening in your industry by reading related news, trade journals, business magazines and newspapers. If you can, practice your job skills to stay sharp.
  3. You’ll meet new people, learn new things and broaden your horizons. You might just learn more about yourself and what you want from your career—plus you can add volunteer experience to your resume.
  4. Work with a recruiter. Going it alone in your job search can make the process longer than it needs to be. A recruiter is a valuable partner in helping connect you to both advertised and unadvertised job openings that fit your experience, skill set and career goals. You might even consider a temp job to learn something new, make connections and keep busy.
  5. Stay positive. Surround yourself with upbeat people, motivational quotes and good vibes. Avoid negative news and nay-sayers. Take care of yourself by spending quality time with those you love.
  6. Work your network. Now’s the time! Reach out to colleagues and past co-workers to inquire about possible job opportunities.
  7. Get active. Getting out and fitting in some exercise is good for you—it will help you stay in shape and keep a positive attitude. You’ll be able to spend time outside, if you prefer, or meet new people if your exercise of choice is inside a fitness center.
  8. Be prepared. Be sure your resume is up to date, your LinkedIn page has your most recent accomplishments, and your interview outfit is ready to go! This way when you get that call for an interview, you’ll be one step ahead.

Don’t give up!

The right job for you is out there. Never lose hope and attempt to take anything you can find. Just keep working towards the job you want—the future you will be grateful!

A recruiter can help

As a valuable partner in your job search, a recruiter can help ease the tension of a job search and set your mind at ease. If you’re looking for work in Hermitage, TN and beyond, contact Hamilton-Ryker. We specialize in light industrial and administrative jobs, and we’re looking for you. To learn more, contact us today.

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