Overwhelmed by the Search for Talent? How to Streamline Your Hiring Process

 In Strategic Staffing and Recruiting

Let’s face it: The hiring process can be stressful for all parties involved. Between narrowing down the pool of applicants, scheduling interviews and finding the right candidate with the necessary skill set that is also a right fit for your company culture, the process is full of pressure from start through finish. Whether you find yourself needing to fill a vacant position or are expanding and have several vacancies to fill, the following proven tips will help you effectively streamline your hiring process:

  • Understand your needs and wants. This may sound simple; however, many employers do not take the time to truly determine their needs and wants, both for the open position or the company. Wrapping your head around this first will help you know what to look for through the hiring process.
  • Utilize referrals from trusted sources. As they say, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Tap into your colleagues and employees to see if they have anyone they would recommend for the job. Your employees know the job and company inside and out and can often be your best method of advertisement!
  • Screen heavily before the in-person interview. Although the interview is your first real chance to gain an accurate read on a candidate, there are many ways to conduct candidate research before they get to the interview. Utilize your network to see if you know any former colleagues and don’t be afraid to search potential candidates on Google.
  • Implement a retention strategy. What motivates your employees and makes them want to stay with your company? This information is invaluable because employees who feel motivated, satisfied and appreciated are more likely to stay with your company and employee retention equals less time spent hiring new employees.
  • Partner with a professional staffing firm. The best way to streamline your hiring process is to call in the professionals. Staffing firms work with candidates every day and not only know what to look for in ideal candidates, but also where to find them.

Searching for top talent can be overwhelming. Following the above tips and guidelines is a great way to streamline your hiring process; however, the best way to implement a hiring process that will yield results is to partner with a seasoned staffing firm. Hamilton-Ryker today to learn how we can help you find the best job candidates!

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