What Top Skills Are Employers Looking For?

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While each individual employer and industry will ultimately be seeking candidates that possess experience relevant to the job at hand, current trends are showing top skills that all employers are looking for, regardless of position. Whether you are looking to advance your current career or make a job move, take some time to brush up on these coveted skills:

Communication. Employers want to hire candidates who are strong verbal and written communicators. Take some time to focus on how you are communicating with your current supervisor and colleagues through different means of communication including in person, over the phone and through email.

Teamwork. Hiring managers love to see autonomy in a candidate, someone who is not afraid to take the reins. With that said, regardless of whether you are an entry-level employee or a top manager, being able to work well in a team environment is a necessary and highly vital skill to possess.

Timeliness. Life happens and having a 100 percent record for being on time is difficult to achieve; however, you should still aim for perfection as much as possible. This includes being on time for your shift as well as delivering specific projects and tasks by their desired deadlines.

Organization. What organization looks like can vary from individual to individual. As long as your personal system for organization helps you stay on track and can easily be translated to your colleagues, keep going with whatever it is that works for you!

Problem solving. No matter how well prepared you are for day-to-day life on the job, incidents can always arise. Therefore, it is vital to be able to effectively and efficiently think on your feet and perform well even under pressure.

The employment market for job candidates is strong – which means that there are many open opportunities for you to apply to! Being able to demonstrate and speak to these top soft skills listed above is a great way to help you gain an edge over the competition during your job search. If you are ready to take the leap and land your next great job, contact the job placement experts at Hamilton-Ryker today!

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