5 Tips to Help You Land a New Job

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As the summer winds down, many people begin thinking about their careers, whether they need a change of scenery, or want to explore a new field all together. With the post-summer dust finally beginning to settle, the fall can be an excellent time to kick your job search into high gear by following these five proven tips:

  1. Create a professional email address. Many employers utilize email as the first method of contact with a potential candidate. Your email address can be one of the first impressions a hiring manager will have of you, which is why it is recommended to have a professional-sounding email address, usually a variation of your first name or initial and last name.
  2. Update your resume. If you haven’t been on a job hunt in a while, it is most likely time to update your resume. Make sure your experience, skills, and references are all up to date, especially if dates or contact information has changed.
  3. Set up a LinkedIn profile. It is the Digital Age and many employers are active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a fantastic resource, not only for hiring managers to get an idea of who you are, but for other employers and recruiters to seek you out for your skills and expertise, sometimes even before a job is posted publicly.
  4. Utilize your network. As the old saying goes, word of mouth is often the best method of advertising – this motto also rings true when it comes to job searches. Be vocal with your network about your job search and find out who they may know to help you make additional connections in your desired field.
  5. Partner with a recruiter. The number one tried-and-true method to help you land your next great job is to partner with an experienced recruiter. Recruiters have existing relationships with local employers so they understand what they are looking for in a candidate, as well as the inside scoop on positions before they become available to the public.

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