5 Ways To Get Ahead in Your Career

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Achieving professional success is a dream that most people share, but it can be easier said than done. You want to ensure you have a plan for career advancement so you can chart out the course to follow to achieve your professional goals.

When you’re making your plans for career development and professional achievement, there are five key ways that you can get ahead in your career that you should keep in mind at all times:

Build relationships: Many people get hired or promoted because of a personal relationship they have developed with their boss or with someone on the team. When you have a strong professional network of colleagues willing to recommend you or who want to work with you, you will have many more doors open to you.

Determine how you add value and do more of it: When you go to work, you don’t want to just spend your days doing busy work. Figure out how you add the most value to your organization and what key steps you can take to focus your work around adding value. If you spend a lot of time doing the most important tasks, you’ll perform better on the things that matter.

Step outside of your comfort zone: In order to advance in your profession, you need to grow as a professional. This means taking on projects that are outside of your normal day-to-day tasks and even trying things that seem like they might be a little bit difficult for you. You’ll enhance your knowledge and skill and your willingness to challenge yourself should come to the attention of your employer and put you on the fast-track for promotion.

Always be learning: The world doesn’t stay static and your profession is inevitably going to evolve. Make sure that you evolve with it. It’s important to keep up with new industry developments and continue your education if you want to advance in your profession.

Make your manager’s job easier: The best way to be promoted is to make your manager want to give you more responsibility. If you find ways to make your manager’s job easier, they are likely to come to you with more and more tasks. For example, if a problem arises, don’t just bring it to your manager – come with potential solutions when you raise the issue. The more often you can help your manager to do his job effectively, the more indispensable you’ll become and the more likely it is you’ll be up for promotion.

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