The Seasonal Worker’s Self-Care Guide

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Seasonal work is a great time to earn money and learn skills quickly, but the demand can also stress those who do this important work. Here’s how to maintain your physical and mental wellness while turning in outstanding results at your seasonal job.

Plan your time.

Sit down with a calendar or day planner and think through a typical day. How many hours will you work? How long will you need to commute? Block off time for sleeping, exercise, preparing and eating meals, and important family and household tasks.

Making a schedule ahead of time can help you maintain a routine of healthy habits to support your busy workday. It can also reduce mental stress by ensuring you always know what comes next, instead of having to choose in the moment.

Delegate and postpone.

Is there a task that someone else in your household can do while you work at your seasonal job? Make it their responsibility. Can some tasks be postponed until after the rush season ends? If so, schedule them for that later date.

By moving tasks off your plate, you gain more time and energy to focus on the work you’re doing during this busy season. If you delegate certain chores to children or other family members, you also help them gain important independent living skills.

Get selfish.

At least once per day, take some time just for yourself. For instance, taking a walk after dinner can help you clear your mind as well as get some needed exercise. A hot bath after a busy day of work can help your body and mind unwind.

This mental “down time” is just as important as physical rest and nutrition in maintaining your overall health. When your mind has time to process the day’s events, you enter the next day better able to tackle its challenges.

Wash your hands.

Many seasonal jobs involve contact with the public or with items that are handled by several people, like tools or items for purchase in a store. Your risk of catching an illness from all this contact is much higher, yet the rush season is the one time of year you can’t afford to be sick.

An easy way to protect your health during this season is to wash your hands regularly. Hand sanitizers can help you fight the spread of germs as well. And don’t forget your yearly flu shot in order to keep yourself and others healthy.

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