How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss

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Moving around (and hopefully ahead!) in your job has a lot to do with networking. The people you meet can open doors in your career through job leads and recommendations. And the relationship you have with your boss is perhaps the most important of all. They know firsthand what you’re working on and how well you’re doing—and can have a direct hand in your future opportunities. Why not pave the way for potential success by building a good relationship with someone who can help you advance?

Five boss-friendly tactics to start today

  1. Learn the best way to communicate. Every boss communicates differently. They may ask you for something they need right away or ask for something they need in a few days. They may give lots of detail when they assign a task, or the bare minimum, expecting you will ask for clarification if you need it. They may prefer email over phone calls, or vice versa. As you get to know your boss, pay careful attention to how they communicate so you can maximize your communication efforts.
  2. Make them look good. In other words, do your very best at work. If you’re doing a good job, your boss looks good too.
  3. Give adequate notice of time off. Your boss needs to plan for coverage, so if you need time off for vacation or an appointment, let your boss know as soon as possible. Only call off sick if you’re actually sick and give as much notice as you can.
  4. Don’t try to be best friends. You simply need to get along, but you don’t need to know personal details about your boss’s life or share personal details about your own. Use this as a rule when talking with your boss—keep it professional.
  5. Be loyal. Never complain about your boss to others. Protect the relationship and their reputation. If there’s something you don’t agree with, you can always move on to another job … mudslinging and gossiping is never professional, so don’t do it.

Treat your boss as you would want to be treated

At your job, you want to be treated with kindness and respect, so do the same when interacting with your boss. An honest, friendly and hardworking attitude always wins in the workplace.

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