Three Signs a Company’s Workplace Culture is Right for You

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Are you being considered for a new job? If so, the company culture can make the difference between a job you like—and a job you love. That’s why it’s important to find a culture you align with before you say yes to a job offer. You can discover more about a company’s culture through multiple channels: the website; the job description; your interview; and the feeling you get when walking through the work environment.

Beyond that, here’s how you can evaluate whether a company’s culture is right for you:

  • It matches your ideal workplace. During your interview, you can uncover clues about the culture by asking about the work environment and management style. Everyone is different, and we’re all suited to work environments in which we feel the most productive. Maybe you prefer to sit quietly at your cubicle, with few interruptions, as an independent contributor. Or maybe you’d rather work in an interactive environment where employees are constantly bouncing ideas off one another. Do you prefer a very hands-on boss, or one who sits back and gives you endless freedom? Company culture dictates both these things.
  • You agree with the mission and vision. It helps to work for a company you believe in—and that’s why it’s important to understand what that company is all about. The stronger you feel about how your work is contributing to the world around you, the happier and more satisfied you’ll be at your job.
  • You could see yourself working there. During your interview, you may be taken on a tour of the building and introduced to future co-workers. Quite simply, could you see yourself working alongside these people in this workplace? If the answer is yes—you’ve probably found your perfect company culture.

If the culture doesn’t fit—say no.

Agreeing to a job you know from the start you won’t like is not exactly a recipe for success. It’s worth it to take the time you need to find a job with a culture that’s suited to your work ethic, beliefs and style. Do your homework and listen to your instincts. What is your inner voice saying about this job? You’ll save yourself future frustration by listening closely.

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