Top Soft Skills to Showcase on Your Resume

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You’ve worked hard and put in the time to gain and maximize the skills employers look for. But did you know hiring managers also look for soft skills? Learn what soft skills are in demand with top employers, and you can set yourself apart from competing applicants and land the job.

Soft skills to list on your resume

Attention to detail

Avoiding errors and working efficiently can depend on your level of focus. If you have earned a reputation as someone who notices the small things that many people do not, employers will put your resume on the top of the pile.

Ability to deal well with change

Change is a constant in today’s business world. Employers expect you to be able to adapt. Be the employee who embraces change rather than complains about it.


Find new ways of looking at things. This is a way to show you can think outside the box and are a problem solver. These are skills that employers look for.

Communication skills

Today’s workers are often expected to work as part of a team and communicate with a wide range of people and departments. Being able to work well with different types of people and especially explain complicated things in a way that people can understand is an important skill to have.

People skills

Employers seek candidates who can get along with a variety of different people. It makes a business run smoother and the workday more pleasant. When people get along with their co-workers, they are more likely to like their jobs, and employee turnover is reduced.

Professional image

While you can’t “dress for success” on your resume, you can make your resume look great. Make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect. Ask a friend to look it over if you’re not sure. Don’t overcrowd the resume by trying to fit too much in. Make it easy for hiring managers to read.

Love of learning

Commit to continuing to build new skills and improve your existing ones. Work towards any certifications available in your field. The employer will probably encourage your efforts and may even be willing to pay for it.

Work with a recruiter

A recruiter who specializes in your field will know who is hiring and how you can make a great impression. They can suggest companies where you will be a great fit and can make the most of your skills. If you’re looking for a recruiter who can find the right position for you, contact the experts at Hamilton-Ryker. We want to help you find the right job!

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