Attract Millennials to Manufacturing with an Apprenticeship

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With more and more Baby Boomers going into retirement, huge gaps are opening up in many career paths. And one of those is industry. It makes sense to look to the next generation—millennials—as a way to fill an increasing number of employment gaps. Apprenticeships are an easy, logical way to help new talent learn the skills that come with a trade. However, the millennial generation has certain expectations of their chosen career path. With some adjustments to your company, and the right steps, you can open up apprenticeships within your business and attract the attention of millennials in search of future work.

What millennials look for in a career:

This generation is very idealistic. They’ve grown up in a world that’s constantly evolving, where if you can dream it, you can do it. They embrace technology and innovation. They want to put their ideas to work and have a clear path to career advancement. In addition, they’re very community-minded—interested in organizations that make a difference in the world around them. They want to understand how things work and the role have in making that happen.

How to attract candidates for apprenticeship positions:

To attract millennials to your business as apprentices, you must provide the following:

  • Transparency about the bigger picture. It’s time to do a little marketing and social outreach. What is your business about? What product or service does it provide, and how does this help your customers? Add information to your website and social media pages. The internet is also a great place to advertise open apprenticeships, because it’s a place millennials frequently visit.
  • A clear career path. A millennial audience wants to understand their opportunities. With an apprenticeship, what will they be learning, how can they continue to hone their skills and where can these skills lead them? Be prepared to have this conversation.
  • Job fair participation at local colleges. Send representatives out who are prepared to talk to millennial attendees and answer all their questions.
  • A cause. Give back to the community. Choose a cause your business supports and stick to it. Post about it on your website and social media pages.

Work with a staffing agency:

Recruiters are experts at what they do. A staffing agency will help you advertise your apprenticeships in a way that will attract a millennial audience. They’ll also help pair you with candidates interested in your business.

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