Does Your Job Search Strategy Match Your Personality?

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Do you prefer quiet time to relax and collect your thoughts, or do you feel energized when you get out and socialize? Whether an introvert or extrovert, you may not realize your personality type plays a big role in the way you prefer to job search, but it does! You can wage your most successful job when you understand your personality type—and different search methods that match best.

Introvert or extrovert?

If you’re not sure which category you fall into, first think about the situations in which you feel the most comfortable. If you thrive in social settings and prefer to be in the company of others, you may be an extrovert. This personality type derives energy from interaction and enjoys being the center of attention. Why? Partly because extroverts are also experts at thinking on their feet and don’t mind being put on the spot—a situation that may commonly arise during conversations.

Just the opposite, many introverts find socializing exhausting, due in part because they prefer to mull a question over before answering. They can do well in social settings—for a bit. But after a while, introverts need time to rest and recharge on their own terms and in their own space.

So how does your personality type affect your job search? It all has to do with networking—meeting people in your industry and uncovering job opportunities.

Networking for extroverts

With the “gift of gab,” extroverts have no problem approaching other professionals and starting up a conversation. If this sounds like you, take steps to attend networking or professional events, and scout out who is in attendance. Then, make a point to introduce yourself, deliver your elevator pitch (what you’re all about!) and let them know you’re currently looking for a job. Since extroverts are great talkers, just be sure to also practice your listening skills—it’s all about forming a connection with the person you’re networking with. Another great opportunity, if possible, is speaking at professional events. You’ll reach a much wider audience as you showcase your industry knowledge.

Networking for introverts

You’re more introspective as an introvert, and this is also a great gift. Though having conversations is more difficult, you do your best 1:1—and this is where the best connections can be made, as you chat to establish common ground. And this is what will make you memorable to those you meet. Many introverts also express themselves best through written communication, and so social media is a great place to meet others in your field. Maintain a LinkedIn profile and join group discussions—an effective way to get your thoughts and expertise in front of others in your industry.

Work with a recruiter

Whatever your personality type, a recruiter can help you uncover jobs in the “hidden” job market, since many employers work solely with staffing agencies for new hires. This means you’ll learn about jobs not advertised to the public.

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