How the World’s Top Companies Are Using Apprenticeships to Address the Talent Shortage

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A talent shortage is looming like a cloud over the heads of many industrial companies. As baby boomers retire and young people fail to enter the working world in industrial roles, this shortage is getting worse. So what can employers do to avoid closing their doors? Apprenticeships and smart marketing are a practical solution to address the growing need for skilled workers in the industrial industry.

Millennials Need Jobs

The bottom line is that young people need work. Some may find themselves disenchanted with the high cost of education, plus a job market that doesn’t meet their post-grad expectations. Practical, hands-on work offers those just embarking upon a career a chance to jump into the working world with success. However, trades and manufacturing industries grapple with an overall lack of interest from young people. Skilled labor is not often viewed as a progressive or innovative field of work.

Addressing the Skills Gap

On the contrary, many industries are improving efficiency by embracing technology. These businesses require qualified employees with skills that are becoming more complex and specialized. As a result, employers are met with a lack of talent plus a skills gap. And apprenticeships are a perfect way to usher new workers into industrial businesses—promising them training, interesting work, a paycheck, and a chance for advancement.

The Value of Apprenticeships

By offering candidates the opportunity to become an apprentice, your business can develop the talent you need to meet your staffing needs. You’ll be able to save time and costs on hiring, because you’ll be working with individuals already familiar with your trade. Plus, you’ll be able to free up the time of existing workers to take on more responsibilities. Apprenticeships can infuse your business with new energy through the arrival of inquisitive young minds—and through more seasoned workers moving on to advanced roles.

It’s All How You Market It

To effectively roll out apprenticeship opportunities, refresh your company’s image. Why are you a great place to work and how are you evolving? What is your mission and purpose, and how do you fit into the world around you? Partnering with a staffing agency is a strategic way to get the word out that you’re offering apprenticeship opportunities.

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