How to Encourage Millennials to Take on a Skilled Trade

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The need for skilled and semi-skilled blue collar workers is on the rise. This talent shortage is due in part to retiring baby boomers and the unpopular reputation of trades as lacking progress and innovation. However, this view is quickly changing. Millennials are finding themselves faced with the high cost of a college education, without the promise of gainful employment come graduation. This creates the perfect storm of opportunity for your manufacturing or construction business: A fresh crop of potential employees who need work.

Five Convincing Arguments for Trade Work:

If the promise of a paycheck isn’t enough, consider the following as potential marketing platforms to build interest and attract Millennial workers toward employment in labor and construction.

  1. Earn More Than Other Post-College Positions

It’s true. Research shows many jobs requiring a college education often pay less than positions in labor and construction. Skilled trade workers, such as mechanics and machinists, can earn even more. Often, no more than a high school education is required, plus hands-on experience through an apprenticeship. Millennials can say, “Show me the money!” without the need to tack on huge college loan debt.

  1. Punch Out and Go Home

Unlike many desk jobs, you can’t take a trade job home with you. The work is hands-on and requires specific tools and machinery. So, for those in search of work-life balance—there’s no need to check email late into the night.

  1. Get More Active on the Job

Trying to get in 10,000 steps per day? Blue collar workers are often free from the shackles of a sedentary desk job, which is a big factor in our adult obesity epidemic. Plus, there’s a certain joy in creating tangible results with one’s hands and that’s missing in many jobs where workers are simply a cog in a digital machine.

  1. Save the Planet

The push for “green” industries is on the forefront as we strive for means to protect our planet. Wind and hydro farms, recycling and solar power are all industries that require semi-skilled workers.

  1. Realize Career Longevity

Though robots and automation may eventually take over many jobs, there will always be a need for other important roles. For example, people will always need homes built and maintained, plumbing will always need installation, and electricity will continue to power our lives. Human hands are needed to handle all of these things and robots.

Harness the Power of Persuasion

Attend career fairs or work with a recruiter to capture the attention of young candidates. Update your website and maintain a presence on job sites to enter into the conversation when high school grads are starting to search for gainful employment.

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