Women in Manufacturing: Why Hiring Women Should Be a Top Priority

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If you ask many women what they think it’s like to work in the manufacturing industry, what would they say? You might get an antiquated description of punching a time clock, swinging a lunch bucket and wearing coveralls. If a person hasn’t been exposed to the industry, they may not realize manufacturing is becoming more modern and automated, with opportunities for advancement and high-earning careers. This is a common problem with the public’s perception of the manufacturing industry overall.

Manufacturing is facing a talent shortage because baby boomers who have worked in positions their entire careers are retiring, and there’s a lack of interest in industrial jobs. To address this, companies can appeal to under-represented groups, such as women, about the advantages of an industrial career. This can help change their impression of industry and add more candidates to the talent pool.

Five Ways to Market Your Manufacturing Company

To appeal to a larger audience, you simply need to change the conversation. An industrial workplace can become a more attractive career opportunity through the following:

  1. Work-life balance. For women, and everyone else, life’s demands can make it difficult to work a rigid 40-hour schedule. But flexible scheduling is one way to help your workers accommodate appointments, obligations to children and families, and other personal needs.
  2. A modern reputation. Today’s young professionals want to work for a company they believe in. To add modern appeal, it’s important to have a website that explains who you are and how you fit into the larger world. Your mission statement is very important and helps with brand recognition.
  3. An inclusive culture. Employees want to work in an environment in which they feel welcome, with a wide range of viewpoints—through diversity in gender, culture and ability. A top industry trend for 2019, manufacturing companies can diversify their company culture by casting a much wider hiring net.
  4. Mentorship programs. You can hire more women, but if they don’t feel comfortable, they won’t be likely to stick around for the long haul. You can help your female employees feel more comfortable by working with other women in the company through mentorship programs.
  5. A clear path for advancement. You’ll attract more candidates, and especially those looking for long-term employment, with the promise of advancement. Work with your employees to develop their skills, grow in their careers and move forward.

Work With a Recruiter

For help diversifying your workforce, a staffing partner is a valuable ally. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your staffing needs and find qualified candidates who fit.

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