IT Problems: Some of the Largest Management Hurdles to Clear in Internet Technology

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As we move into 2019, changes in technology and the job market, in general, are creating more hiring and managing challenges than ever before. You need qualified IT employees to keep business moving as usual, plus allow for creativity and innovation that helps you keep pace with the competition.

Four IT Hiring Challenges—and How to Overcome Them

When it comes time to hire, you may find yourself faced with the following:

  1. Constantly Evolving Market. Sometimes it may seem like technology changes daily. For businesses to keep pace with new developments, they need IT staff with the right skills (and these can quickly become obsolete as new technology emerges). On the forefront is the ability to collect, store and analyze big data, as well as a big push for cybersecurity. To make hiring easier, it helps to staff talent that’s versatile and open to learning. You can also build a culture centered around learning, and offer reimbursement for employees who wish to take courses, earn certifications, etc.
  2. Competition for Talent. When you find the right candidates, you want them to accept your offer. But you must consider that professionals at the top of their field will have other offers. So how can you convince them your company is the best choice? Pay attention to branding—your mission and vision reflect what your company is all about. And if this aligns with a candidate’s personal mission, they’ll be more likely to want to work for you. Your company culture is also important, and it helps to build one that’s positive, supportive and even fun, which can be important to a new employee. Last but not least, your pay and benefits package should be competitive and robust enough to attract a top candidate to your business.
  3. Flexible Work Environment. Today’s workers are juggling a lot. Beyond work, they have responsibilities to family, friends and their own health, to name just a few. The balances between work and all that life has in store is important to them—gone is the mentality of living just to work. To attract the best-of-the-best IT candidates, you must offer accommodating work options, such as telecommuting and flexible scheduling. This also helps expand your potential hiring pool, as you’ll be able to source talent from other geographic areas.
  4. Attracting Passive Candidates. You need the right talent with the right qualifications, and they’re not always the candidates actively looking for work. In fact, the employees you need may be happily employed and not currently seeking something new. You’ll need to refine your hiring methods to help you find passive candidates, so you can bring this talent on board. LinkedIn is the top source when you’re looking for candidates. Most professionals have a LinkedIn page, and you can search by keywords to find possible new hires. It also helps to work with a staffing agency. Recruiters are experts at sourcing talent regardless of active or passive status, and they’ll make it much easier and faster to get new IT staff in place.

Looking for a Staffing Partner?

An agency familiar with the needs of the IT industry is your best choice, and Hamilton-Ryker can help. We’ll work with you to understand your IT staffing goals; then help you find and place qualified individuals. To learn more, contact us today!

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