Is Your Business Ready for the Artificial Intelligence Boom?

 In Strategic Staffing and Recruiting

Technology is hurtling towards us like a meteorite about to crash into Earth! Not really, but as dramatic an analogy as this is, it may feel this catastrophic to the human labor force—worried that robots will take their jobs. It’s true that many roles currently performed by human employees can be efficiently handled by machines, but Artificial Intelligence (or AI) will also open new and different roles for workers. As technological changes are ushered into the workforce, it helps to communicate with your employees, ease their concerns and help them prepare.

Be Honest

One of the best things you can do as an employer is to offer transparency to your staff. An open, honest conversation about what’s to come eases suspicion and targets fears directly. When changes are afoot, the first thing that must happen is a consultant visit to assess workflow, which can raise the hackles of your staff. If some roles will be automated, be honest with the workers who will be impacted. Then, work with them on a career plan—there’s no reason they can’t develop new skills to remain relevant in the job market. For workers who won’t be affected by automation, let them know that, as well.

Focus on the Big Picture

AI is designed to take on repetitive, mundane tasks as an assistant to human employees. This helps keep workplaces safer and gives staff the opportunity to focus on other more demanding tasks that require planning, decision-making, and abstract thinking. Explain that machines help improve work processes. Provide education to your workers about how to work with AI-enabled machines, fine-tune their knowledge and skills, and work towards greater responsibilities.

Offer Learning Opportunities

For those workers interested in stepping up their skills, provide the resources they need to develop knowledge that will help them advance. Provide training and tuition reimbursement, and work with your employees on a learning plan that makes sense. If you work with a staffing agency, see what training is available for staff, and contact your recruiter to help employees prepare for the future.

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