Understanding the Work Life Balance of Mothers in the Workforce

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Work-life balance is a top concern for most professionals, but it takes on particular urgency for mothers who are attempting to juggle a career with meeting the needs of children who cannot yet care for themselves.

When employers better understand and meet the needs of working mothers, they gain access to a group of candidates who understand the value of hard work and dedication. Here’s how businesses can start to think about supporting parents’ work-life balance:

  1. Make Work Times Flexible, Yet Predictable

A steady weekly schedule can help working moms and other parents make more effective plans for their families’ needs. For instance, parents who know they’ll always work the same days each week can schedule children’s needs like doctor’s appointments on their predictable days off, increasing their ability to focus on the job.

Balance this predictability with flexibility when needed. For example, if a working mother needs to leave an hour early to care for a sick child, make it easy for her to do so – and to make up that time when she’s able to do so.

  1. Reduce Mom’s Stress Load

Being a mother may be synonymous with worry, but employers can do a great deal to reduce the stress load of working parents so that they can focus on their jobs.

Offerings like outstanding health insurance paid family leave and subsidized childcare help working parents meet the needs of their growing families. With these issues off the table, parents can apply themselves to their daily tasks, without spending valuable mental energy worrying about medical bills or whether their children are safe.

  1. Help Build the Future

Mothers are raising a future generation of adults, and employers can play a role in building the future as well.

Focus on providing mentorship and continuing education opportunities, as well as clear paths to promotion and advancement within your organization. By so doing, you cultivate internal talent and reduce turnover rates. You also help ensure that your organization will have the benefit of working parents’ contributions long after their children have grown and entered the work world.

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