The Top Online Resources That Can Help Improve Your Company Safety

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Improving safety practice in your business or worksite can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Today, many tools are available online to help businesses ensure they meet or exceed safety standards and that their workers have the training necessary to prevent or mitigate accidents.

Some of the top online resources for workplace safety include the following:

1. National Safety Council: Safety Guides

The National Safety Council (NSC) provides a number of free online Safety Guides for both employers and employees. They include information on safety basics, creating safety and health plans, taking leadership on safety issues, risk reduction, and performance measurements.

These guides provide an excellent overview of workplace safety requirements, and they can help businesses conceptualize their own custom-tailored safety plans.

2. Nonprofit Risk Management Association: Fact Sheets

The Nonprofit Risk Management Association (NRMA) provides dozens of fact sheets on a wide range of workplace safety topics. The guides cover everything from defining workplace safety to building a safety culture, complying with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), addressing maintenance issues, ergonomics and more.

The fact sheets are particularly helpful for employers who need help addressing particular issues. They can also help shed light on the connections between certain employee behaviors and safety, like the best practices for cleaning up spills to prevent falls or how best to store, clean and repair tools and equipment.

3. Occupational Safety and Health Administration: eTools

Finally, OSHA’s eTools are detailed approaches to a wide range of specific safety issues that arise in construction and manufacturing. Here, employers can find guidance on everything from ammonia refrigeration to the ergonomic demands of grocery warehousing.

OSHA’s eTools allow employers to move quickly to the safety standards demanded by their particular industry and job site tasks. They also provide a measure of assurance that employers who follow them are meeting OSHA standards, and they can help employers better understand why certain OSHA standards exist.

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