Does Your Work Environment Encourage Productivity?

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Productivity is a major concern for managers and business leaders. If your workplace environment drains your staff rather than supporting them, however, their productivity will suffer even if they are highly engaged and eager to give their best effort.

Here’s what to look for when evaluating your workplace’s environment:

  1. Does Your Staff Have the Physical Resources They Need to Do the Job Well?

Poor lighting, ancient computers, rickety tools or aging safety gear: These can all decimate productivity. Few things distract staff from the job in front of them like concerns that their safety glasses don’t fit properly, or they’ll have to un-jam the printer for the fifth time today before they can turn in a report.

When the physical work environment provides the tools that staff needs to do the job well, staff can focus on applying those tools to the task at hand. Start by evaluating the work environment and adjust where needed.

  1. How Do Managers Motivate Their Teams?

Teams look to their managers not only to assign tasks and deadlines but also to provide a sense of context for the overall work. Managers who don’t offer a big picture view to their staff can leave workers feeling like their daily tasks aren’t really important – which can have a negative effect on the quality of the finished product.

Help managers understand how their team’s work fits into the needs and goals of the company as a whole. Train managers to communicate this vision to their teams and to encourage high-quality work on each task as necessary to support the whole.

  1. Does the Team Have the People and Skills Necessary to Do the Work Sustainably?

Any worker can push themselves for a short period, but if the staff is regularly expending more physical and mental energy than they regain each day, they will burn out – and productivity will suffer.

Make sure each team includes the full set of skills required for the job and enough people are present to handle the workload without burning out. If needed, hire a new staff member or seek help from temporary or contract staff.

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