Best Ways You Can Grow Your Talent From Within

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With unemployment low, companies are looking for ways to find the talent they need without having to compete for an increasingly scarce number of job-seeking professionals. One way is to expand your talent pool by growing the talent you have.

Focusing on the growth of your existing team not only provides access to needed skills. It also helps boost engagement and reduce turnover as your staff sees that building a long-term career with your company is not only possible but encouraged.

Here’s how to work on promoting from within:

1. Commit to Continuing Education

To cultivate the talent you’ll need, it’s important to invest in the continuing education and professional development of your employees. Options include offering tuition reimbursement, covering conference or class costs, or offering regular training and development sessions in-house.

Offering continued education helps ensure that your teams don’t face skills gaps. It also encourages your superstar staff members to continue to improve their skills and step into leadership roles within the company.

2. Create a Mentorship Program

Like professional development, mentorship helps your staff members learn new skills and expand their abilities. It also helps them gain a different perspective on the company and to understand how their daily tasks fit into the big picture.

An effective mentorship program helps both mentors and mentees better understand the work they do. As such, it’s an investment in both your existing leadership and in the staff who will take on leadership roles in the future.

3. Use Temp or Contract Staff When Needed

When you cultivate and promote talent from within, you’ll occasionally face situations in which a team needs support from additional staff members or from someone with a specialized set of capabilities. In these situations, talk to your recruiter about working with contract staff members. Contract workers help your team meet its goals while staying within the confines of your hiring budget.

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