7 Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Staffing

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Staffing can be difficult in any industry. Qualified, hard-working employees are a great asset to every business. Not only do you need a pool of talent that can perform the tasks you need, but you need them to focus on those tasks to get them done in a time-efficient manner.

Providing proper training can greatly increase your likelihood of maintaining a happy, healthy, and productive group of employees. However, the fact is that providing ample training takes a lot of time and money. And if you’ve been having problems with your staffing, that means you have a high rate of turnover. Constantly training new hires doesn’t get you anywhere. In fact, it holds you back.

This is why outsourcing your industrial staffing can provide great benefits. But what are the potential benefits your business stands to gain?

Here are the top 7 benefits outsourcing industrial staffing can provide to your company.

1. More Flexibility

Your staffing needs can change from one week to the next. However, full-time employees have requirements that can not be altered. Do you have a big project coming up that requires extra assistance? Outsourcing staffing gives you the ability to hire temporary employees to get you through the busy parts of the year.

Seasonal businesses that see an increased amount of work in a particular time of year can benefit greatly from this. You don’t want to hire people only to be forced to let them go once the busy season is over. Temporary staffing services can help you get over that hump with knowledgeable employees.

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2. Saves Time

Hiring takes time. The entire process of posting the open position, interviewing potential candidates, onboarding new hires, and training the new employees takes a lot of time. And if you have an immediate need, you might not have the time to perform all of these duties. You need someone that can get to work right away.

Outsourcing your staffing saves you all the effort of hiring, onboarding, and training a new recruit. It allows you to get right to work and complete the tasks you need complete.

3. Talent

Experience is everything when it comes to industrial staffing. Any time you can either truncate or eliminate the training process altogether is beneficial to your company. Hamilton-Ryker has a vast network of capable and skilled employees available to our clients. Choosing from a pre-sorted workforce not only saves you time, it ensures the viability of all potential recruits. You won’t need to weed out the poor workers or unqualified applicants. All available candidates have been predetermined to be a good fit for your business.

4. Allows You to Focus

An expansion of business means more employees are needed in multiple areas. This includes industrial positions that can be outsourced. It also means the back office positions will need to be reconfigured and reimagined. Outsourcing the hiring of your employees frees up the time of management and allows them to focus on the needs of your expanding business. You can skip the time and effort it will take to hire new employees and focus on larger issues.

5. Saves Money

As we mentioned before, hiring new employees takes time. And in business, time is money. A lot of labor hours are spent on the process of finding and training new employees. This includes everything we mentioned about the interviews and training and such, but it also includes any necessary background checks, drug tests, or any other pre-employment screening your company requires. Outsourcing your staffing isn’t free, but it can be quite a bit cheaper when compared with everything that goes into hiring a new employee.

6. Lower Turnover

Poor employees are a drain on everyone. An unmotivated employee simply makes more work for their coworkers. Unskilled workers create a similar effect. And these are frequent outcomes with high turnover. Older employees are constantly making up for the lack of skills by new workers which leads them to be dissatisfied in their jobs. Dissatisfaction leads to even more turnover. However, outsourced labor is trained and vetted, creating a better work environment for everyone.

7. Efficient Recruitment

Open positions require an extra effort by current employees to cover the needs of that position. This could include longer hours, less days off, or an increased workload during the shift. And the longer the position remains vacant, the more this is going to wear on current employees. Outsourcing industrial staffing fills these positions quickly and ensures everyone has the help they need for a successful day of work.

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