What Total Workforce Solutions Can Do for You

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Total workforce solutions are a way for businesses to maximize their return on contingent employees. There are a variety of services provided that can benefit a variety of businesses in multiple ways. These are essentially a combination of outsourced recruitment processes and the help of a managed service provider.

These services provide a wide range of benefits to a company. Many industries make use of contingent workers to account for an uneven workload throughout the year. And if the processes involved with hiring and training these workers isn’t streamlined, the company won’t see their full potential for returns.

Total workforce solutions help companies maximize these processes. But how does it do that? What benefits can your business see from utilizing these services?

Talent Acquisition

Good help is hard to find. This axiom has been around for a long time and is well known. And anybody who’s tried to fill an open position for a business will tell you, it can be very true. One of the main advantages to total workforce solutions is that it takes this problem off of your hands.

Hamitlon-Ryker offers workforce development solutions. This includes locating and hiring reliable and talented individuals to fill your open positions. Our talent pool runs deep. You won’t need to search through piles of resumes and conduct hours of interviews to find the best candidate. Total workforce solutions set you on the path to success from the very start.

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Lower Recruitment Costs

Not only does finding new employees take a lot of time, it can cost a lot of money. There are a lot of processes that are needed to take a person from a member of the public to a member of your team. The good news is that these processes can be streamlined.

Total workforce solutions make sure all of these processes operate in an efficient manner. Sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, and managing new employees can take a lot of time and money from a company’s bottom line. However, total workforce solutions engage candidates and employees which leads to higher rates of retention and success.

Provide Flexibility

The world of business isn’t static. Different seasons bring different challenges. And these challenges translate to varying needs from your employees. A great advantage of total workforce solutions is the ability to scale your operations to your needs.

This capability allows your company to balance the amount of money spent on labor to reflect the amount of business you are currently experiencing. Are you approaching a slow time of year? The ability to reduce your labor costs can keep you profitable even when things slow down. Total workforce solutions allow you to tailor your efforts directly to the need without resorting to layoffs.

Balance Contingent Hires With Permanent Employees

Managing various pools of labor can become difficult. There are different considerations for contingent hires and permanent employees. Each group has their own specific needs and affordances. It takes great care and attention to consistently balance the needs of your employees as well as the needs for the business.

Hamilton-Ryker can help with this balance. Maintaining your contingent hires to align with your business goals is an important task that has a large effect on the level of efficiency within your operations. Let Hamilton-Ryker manage the inner workings of your contingent hire programs.

Ensure Proper Training

Training is what separates a great employee from an average worker. It’s important to give your employees all the tools they need to properly perform their duties. This includes the physical tools but it also includes adequate knowledge.

Hamilton-Ryker provides everything your employees need to safely perform their duties. Contributing members of the workforce benefit from soft skills training, safety training, and other training methods such as the use of virtual reality to learn how to operate a forklift. Total workforce solutions can provide these services in a consistent and streamlined manner.

Better Placement For Permanent Roles

Contingent employees are very important to the overall operation of many businesses. Permanent employees, however, require a much deeper level of trust and understanding. And because of this, permanent roles need to be filled with workers that have proven themselves to be worthy of this trust.

The contingent workers provided by total workforce solutions can make this process much easier. A contingent worker that has proven themself to be a reliable contributor can easily slide into an open permanent role if it should arise. Total workforce solutions provide many immediate benefits, but they are also able to provide benefits for a business that can last long into the future.

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