Skills Training for a Safer Workplace

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Proper training has a major impact on your workplace by boosting productivity, performance and efficiency. Additionally, safety is boosted throughout the facility because well-trained employees make fewer errors and are more likely to adhere to safety protocols. Is your business focused on the benefits of skills training?

The Right Skills Are Hard To Find

As a hiring manager, you know that finding people with the right mix of skills can feel impossible. And there is data to back that feeling. According to SHRM, 83% of employers have had trouble finding the right talent over the last year and lack of technical skills was the number one reason why employers struggle to find talent. In manufacturing alone, there is expected to be a 7.9 million deficit between open jobs and skilled employees by 2030.

Internal training is a great way to close skill gaps on your team because it allows you to focus on the precise skills you need to operate at both peak efficiency and peak safety. As you teach employees to build new technical skills, you will also be teaching them how to work safely and according to your standards.

Build Your Bench Through Training

Recruiting and hiring are a major expense in industrial environments. The higher up the ladder you’re hiring for, the more time-consuming and expensive the process becomes. Training can help you save recruiting costs by building skills within your four walls.

You probably have hardworking people who want to move up those same employees may lack critical skills needed to take that leap. Ultimately, you may lose those good employees to another company that offers skills training and career development. Investing in your employees’ development builds a deep bench that helps you promote from within and boost retention, saving time and money.

When you have a deep internal bench and you invest in internal skill development, you can also focus on hiring entry-level employees who are coachable and who have the potential to become part of your future bench.

Every Training Session Is an Opportunity to Revisit Safety

Every time you engage in a skills training session, it is an opportunity to reinforce safety. The more you revisit safety protocols, the better. A culture of safety starts from the top and prioritizing safety in all training programs ensures your employees will prioritize safety on the floor.

Are You Ready to Invest In Your Employees?

Well-trained employees are productive and safe employees. But building an internal training program can be a challenge. TalentGro, a division of Hamilton-Ryker, focuses on total workforce training solutions that are customized to any business need, including skill enhancement in critical areas as well as company-specific workplace safety.

TalentGro is more than just skill enhancement; it’s a comprehensive workforce development solution designed to enhance the capabilities of your employees while promoting safety. By bringing that all together, you get a total solution that adapts to your needs, ensuring you get the results your company and workers need to thrive. To learn more about TalentGro or our other unique services, contact Hamilton-Ryker today.

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