Set Your Company Apart Through Stronger Core Values

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Your company’s values impact your organization on multiple levels. When applied properly, your core values determine how your company navigates the world, lead to a positive culture, boost employee morale, positively impact recruitment, and much more.

However, you can only fain those benefits if your core values are strong and well-defined. They have to be an integral part of how your organization functions, serving as guiding principles that influence every decision and action. If they don’t impact your choices, then your values come across as empty. Similarly, if they aren’t clearly outlined, they can be ambiguous, preventing them from serving as the beacon they need to be to keep your company on target.

If you want to make sure your company’s core values are an asset, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Core Values?

Core values are usually a handful of words or phrases that define your company’s mindset and priorities. In most cases, they reflect traits your organization views as critical for success, or goal your business wants to achieve.

Additionally, they help others understand your company’s operational standards. It lets prospective candidates and clients know what your organization considers important when it comes to how you make decisions or work your way through the world.

Why Strong Core Values Set Your Company Apart

Most companies have a list of values they claim to follow. However, if an organization lists a trait as a priority but fails to live up to it, that creates a disjointed vision of the organization.

For example, if a company considers “honesty” to be a core tenet, but fails to be transparent with their employees regarding critical aspects of the business, the organization isn’t living up to that value. As a result, employees may feel they don’t have to dedicate themselves to it either, as the company isn’t acting as if it’s a priority.

In contrast, when a core value is a strong part of your culture, everyone rises to it. If “teamwork” is a core value, and members of the leadership team actively engage with employees at all levels to find solutions and achieve greater heights, they are embodying that tenet. Their workforce will follow their lead, also prioritizing teamwork, creating a more inclusive and cohesive environment.

How to Create Stronger Core Values

Creating stronger values requires more than choosing the right words. Your company has to select traits or goals that it feels passionately about, and then follow through by actively demonstrating that they are priorities.

One way to begin is to choose a word or phrase, like “honesty” or “teamwork,” and then write a short definition of what it means to your organization. Then, make that a guiding principle, allowing that definition to influence how you tackle each day. Over time, that trait becomes engrained in your company’s culture, making the organization as a whole stronger.

Are You Looking for a Workforce Management Partner That Aligns With Your Core Values?

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