Benefits of Using a Managed Service Provider

 In Strategic Staffing and Recruiting

A qualified, professional, and well-trained staff is a great asset to a business. Employees are what drive daily tasks and any hole in the workforce puts unnecessary stress on the other departments. This can make day-to-day services more difficult, leading to a reduction in production and increased strain on your workforce.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the staffing industry is a specialized agency that serves companies by procuring workers and facilitating other tasks. Filling in these holes in your workforce is one of an MSP’s main services, but it is far from their only service.

Human resources services such as conflict resolution and performance reviews are an asset to the clients of an MSP.

A successful staffing infrastructure balances two main factors: cost and risk. A Managed Service Provider in the staffing industry has the knowledge and experience to help your company manage these two factors. Well-trained and vetted prospects will help lower the risk associated with hiring a new recruit, and streamlining the hiring process will help reduce cost.

Let’s look a little deeper into the potential benefits of using a Managed Service Provider in the staffing industry.

Cost Savings

As we just mentioned, MSPs can save a business money by streamlining the hiring process. There is a lot of potential for wasted time and money throughout this process. Interviewing unqualified candidates, improper training sessions, and moving forward with candidates that will soon move onto new opportunities are examples of potential waste.

A Managed Service Provider in the staffing agency will have qualified contacts on which to call when an opportunity opens up. The process of moving a candidate through initial interviews through the onboarding paperwork will also be streamlined. Any wasted time during this process amounts to wasted money for the business. An MSP will have the knowledge to make sure every minute counts.

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Informative Reporting

Information helps businesses make the best decisions. MSPs will provide documentation of every hire, as well as reports tracking expenses over a period of time. This information helps the business to know exactly where their money is going, how it’s affecting the overall productivity of the business, and what they can do to meet their goals moving forward.

Reports and various metrics will help a business to adjust their needs as the seasons change, and time moves forward.


Speaking of changing seasons, a business’ needs can change throughout the year. Consumer habits change which trickles all the way down to the production facilities. Your labor force needs to reflect the amount of orders that are coming in.

And just how you don’t want to have too small of a workforce when the orders are coming in fast, you also don’t want to have too large of a workforce when this slows down. MSPs make use of temporary labor that can be adjusted by the business to fit their exact, current needs.

Less Downtime

Access to a long list of potential workers helps an MSP to fill a position as it becomes available. These gaps between available employees need to be kept as short as possible. Open positions put more stress on the other workers and the surrounding positions. They need to make up for the slack created by the absence of a coworker.

This downtime not only puts more stress on other employees, it can also affect production. Your business is in place to create products. MSPs help your business continue doing what it does best.

More Time to Focus on Core Duties

Management has a lot to take care of throughout their days. Worrying over staffing considerations can take their attention away from other tasks that might be more productive and potentially important.

Offloading these concerns to an expert Managed Service Provider in the staffing industry not only assures you that your staffing needs will be taken care of, it also allows you to focus on your daily tasks. Splitting your attention between multiple areas of business will only make your ultimate productivity suffer. Let an MSP fill the open positions and get back to your duties.

Talented Prospects

Good help is hard to find. There’s a reason this phrase has become a cliche — because it’s true. There are always more people looking for a job than people that are qualified to properly perform it. It can be difficult to tell between someone who can adequately perform a position and someone who is just a strong interviewer.

MSPs have a vetting process that weeds out the workers that won’t fit with your company. A seamless transition is the goal, and MSPs have the necessary processes to find the candidates that can best fit these roles.

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