Set the Groundwork for Success With an Apprenticeship Intermediary

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A successful professional relationship between employer and employee can be difficult to strategize, but fairly easy to define — a situation in which the employee enjoys long-term employment and performs work that is beneficial to the employer.

But how do you facilitate this goal?

The truth is, it has a lot to do with each individual. Some people are more suited for specific jobs than others. However, there are tactics to finding the right people and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to have a much better chance at success.

This is the entire goal of an apprenticeship intermediary. They strive to create these mutually-beneficial connections. And they do this through instituting programs and practices that create an environment conducive to profitable work.

But to fully understand how an apprenticeship intermediary accomplishes this, we need to answer a few basic questions:

  • What Is an Apprenticeship Intermediary?
  • How Does an Apprenticeship Intermediary Help Employers?
  • How Does an Apprenticeship Intermediary Help Workers?


What is an Apprenticeship Intermediary?

Most people understand the process of hiring a new employee. The open position is posted in a public forum, applicants submit their resumes or fill out an application, and interviews are conducted with the most qualified individuals.

Apprenticeships, however, are a little more complicated. These professional relationships can be a little confusing because there are many different kinds of apprenticeships.

However, the basic fact shared by all of them is that a program is set in place that mutually benefits both the apprentice and the employer.

But how are these programs put in place? 

This is where an apprenticeship intermediary comes in. This is a group of professionals with the resources and experience needed to help a place of employment institute an apprenticeship program. This includes details such as how long each apprenticeship will operate. Partnerships with local schools and organizations might be put into place.

But that’s not all. Setting up the program is just the beginning. An apprenticeship intermediary will also help perform the functions of putting the program into motion, as well as finding applicants and screening for the proper skillset, training new recruits, and integrating them into currently existing processes.

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How Does an Apprenticeship Intermediary Help Employers?

The very first benefit employers will see by working with an apprenticeship intermediary is there won’t be a disruption of daily duties. You’ll be able to focus on your daily duties while an apprenticeship intermediary like Hamilton-Ryker takes care of all the nuts and bolts of putting a successful program into place.

And once it’s set up, the employer will see an influx of trained workers seamlessly integrating with the existing workforce. This creates a labor pool of skilled workers that are available should an opening come up. Workers ready to walk on the floor reduce any disruption of service.

Many apprenticeship programs hire on their apprentices upon completion of the program. These workers are already familiar with the position as well as the working conditions. They won’t have any surprises, which greatly reduces the amount of turnover.

Reduced turnover means less administrative work associated with hires, training, and lost time.

And should the need for new hires arise, a unified training program will streamline the process of getting new employees on the floor.


How Does an Apprenticeship Intermediary Help Workers?

Apprenticeship intermediaries help employees in that they connect available workers with an opportunity to grow with a company. Previous experience is a common reason otherwise skilled workers aren’t able to break into a new place of employment. 

Apprenticeships provide the training that gives them the knowledge previously requested through similar work experience.

And once the employee gets to work, they’ll be more comfortable performing their duties. Proper training builds the employee’s confidence and increases their enjoyment of the job.

A meaningful introduction to a company through proper training and on-the-job experience makes them a well-suited candidate for the job. This translates to job security as they continue to learn and grow within the company.

Apprenticeships are often the first step toward a long and meaningful career. Apprenticeship intermediaries simply put the system in place to facilitate this situation.


How Can Hamilton-Ryker Help?

Development of a structured training program has wide-ranging benefits for both employers and workers — as we discussed above. Hamilton-Ryker provides a variety of workforce development solutions that can help your company connect with employees that are perfect for your industry.

We’ll help you develop an apprenticeship training program to create a workforce that is better prepared, better trained, and better positioned to seamlessly join your team.

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