How an Apprenticeship Intermediary Strengthens Your Workforce

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When it comes to your industrial business, hiring a qualified staff is important. The proper operation of your facilities and the overall success of your business depends on a skilled and knowledgeable team. 

However, ineffectively training new employees or apprentices can sometimes leave staff feeling underprepared. This leads to improperly trained workers, an unhappy team dynamic, and potential risk for your business.

In order to maintain a pipeline of qualified and skilled workers and create a better work environment, an apprenticeship intermediary is just what you need. To learn more about how an apprenticeship intermediary can strengthen your workforce, you must first understand what they do


What is An Apprenticeship Intermediary?

If your business is looking to begin incorporating a successful apprenticeship program into your staffing efforts, an apprenticeship intermediary could be the way to go. Creating a well-organized, effective program can be challenging, but an intermediary is an expert in doing just that. 

An apprenticeship intermediary will be able to arrange and operate an apprenticeship program for your business, so you don’t have to. They provide many services to ensure the program runs smoothly and efficiently, so all involved parties can feel secure.

With the help of an apprenticeship intermediary, your team will feel informed and supported with proper program administration. Your program’s demand for apprentices will need to be monitored and managed and you may not have the time to manage these programs yourself. Apprenticeship intermediaries provide support as well as instruction to ensure the continued success of your business.


Let’s look a bit deeper into the top 5 ways an apprenticeship intermediary can strengthen your workforce: 

  1. Save Time & Streamline
  2. Support For Your Team
  3. Effective Program Management
  4. Ease of Mind
  5. Increased Safety


Save Time & Streamline

As a business owner, you know that your business must always operate efficiently. When incorporating apprenticeship programs into your staffing solutions, you may not have the time available to handle this extra maintenance. 

With an apprenticeship intermediary, these time-consuming tasks are taken off the hands of you, the employer. Designing an apprenticeship program can include considerations such as how long the program lasts, possible partnerships with local governments and college institutions, applications for tax credits, and more. An intermediary knows just how to handle these considerations, so you don’t have to.

The goal here is to streamline processes, not make them more difficult. An intermediary can take control of administrative tasks relating to your apprenticeship program so your business can stay streamlined.


Support For Your Team

The assistance of an experienced apprenticeship intermediary can make all the difference between a successful program and one that is abandoned before implementation. Their program maintenance is the support system which the rest of the program is built upon. 

An intermediary can help recruit and screen apprentices to ensure success throughout the program for your whole team. These employees will also need to be trained according to a unified curriculum, which the intermediary can provide.


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Effective Program Management

Because these programs are often set up in conjunction with government labor agencies, they can often be difficult to set up. An apprenticeship intermediary will have previous experience putting these programs together. This gives them the knowledge needed to speed along the process of putting together the necessary infrastructure.

Finding qualified apprentice staff is the next pain point. With an apprenticeship intermediary, they will be able to pull applicants from a pre-existing network.

These existing resources from your experienced intermediary can put program creation on the fast-track and get your company the help it needs.


Ease of Mind

Practical training is crucial to an employee’s future and the success of your company. With an apprenticeship intermediary, your staff will be equipped with the proper knowledge to perform their tasks correctly. This knowledge will not only give your employees confidence in their job requirements, but can offer you peace of mind as well. 

The completion of an apprenticeship often leads workers to the beginning of a career which can have long-term and ongoing benefits for the employee and employer. Employers have the option to provide college credit to apprentices along with hourly pay. And, these properly trained employees can also be used to train future employees on the job.

With an apprenticeship intermediary, access to these high quality workers puts you a step ahead right from the start.


Increased Safety

As you know, safety can be a major concern in the industrial industry. With dangerous machinery, it is imperative that your team understands how to operate those machines. 

New employees are always going to make mistakes until they get the necessary experience under their belts, and with an intermediary, they get just that.

Apprenticeship intermediaries help reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes being made on the floor. This creates a much safer working environment for everyone involved.


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