What Are Total Workforce Solutions and How Do They Help?

 In Strategic Staffing and Recruiting

Are you looking to maximize your hiring and training processes? With Total Workforce Solutions, your business can do just that. Total Workforce Solutions essentially blend the capabilities of recruitment process outsourcing and managed service provider programs. 

Solutions such as these integrate the talent acquisition function for permanent and contracted workforces under one team, offering a centralized view of talent that can be managed across an organization. These workforce services can provide a wide range of benefits to a company. 

Do you utilize contingent workers throughout the year to deal with uneven workloads? To combat this typically unorganized process, total workforce solution services can assist in streamlining your hiring and training processes- setting your business up for long-term success. 

Total Workforce Solutions help companies maximize hiring and training processes. But just how does it do that? Where will your company reap these benefits?

4 ways Total Workforce Solutions can help your business:

  1. Workforce Flexibility
  2. Greater Visibility
  3. Optimized Cost Savings
  4. Talent Acquisition

Workforce Flexibility

With each season comes different challenges for your company. These challenges can translate to varying needs for your employees and departments. Total workforce solutions give you the flexibility to scale your operations to your needs.

This allows your company to balance the labor spend to reflect the seasons of your business profitability. With total workforce solutions, your team has the ability to reduce costs and keep you profitable even when things slow down. These services allow you to tailor your efforts directly to the need without resorting to layoffs.

Greater Visibility

Are you looking for enhanced visibility into your entire workforce? With total workforce solutions, you can track employee breakdown and associated costs. This allows you to break down productivity, organize your workforce based off of the skillsets you need.

This means you’ll be better able to support your team by tracking employee training, skills and accomplishments. This not only helps improve employee satisfaction, but also can allow your organization to more easily recognize skill sets available.

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Optimized Cost Savings

When it comes to hiring processes, finding new employees can take up a lot of time and money that you may not have. There are various processes that are needed to take a new hire to the next level and fully incorporate them into your team. The good news is that these processes can be streamlined.

Total workforce solutions make sure all of these processes operate in an efficient manner. Sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, and managing new hires can take away from your company’s bottom line. However, with total workforce solution services, you can find and train quality employees bringing you higher rates of retention and success.

Talent Acquisition

Locating and hiring reliable and talented individuals to fill your open positions can be a challenge. With total workforce solution services, you won’t have to search through piles of resumes and conduct hours of interviews to find the best fit for your team. 

To take your team to the next level, it’s important that your employees have all the tools they need to properly perform their duties. Hamilton-Ryker provides everything your employees need to safely perform their duties. Contributing members of the workforce benefit from soft skills training, safety training, and other training methods such as the use of virtual reality to learn how to operate a forklift. Total workforce solutions can ensure your employees will provide the talent and reliability you’re looking for. 

Role Placement and Proper Training

While permanent, full-time employees require a much deeper level of trust and understanding, contracted employees are very important to the overall operation of many businesses as well. Because of workforce services, 40% of today’s global workforce consists of non-permanent, contracted employee talent. With this in mind, permanent roles need to be filled with workers that have proven themselves to be reliable, knowledgeable and worthy of your trust.

These contractual workers provided by total workforce solution services can make this process much more streamlined. A contracted worker that has proven themselves to be a dedicated source of skills and good team player can easily slide into an open permanent role if it should arise. Total workforce solutions provide many immediate short-term benefits as well as long-term benefits that set your business up for lifelong success.

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