How to Look for a Job While Still Employed

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If you are unsatisfied with your current position, seeking a new opportunity is often a wise move. However, figuring out how to launch a job search while currently employed isn’t always easy.

The approach you take and the targets you focus on can play a big role in your level of success. Sometimes, embracing an option that wasn’t initially on your radar can be your best bet, allowing you to seize a new opportunity without any job security risk.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that can help.

Start Your Job Search Within the Company

In many cases, employees aren’t thrilled with their role but enjoy their employers. This can happen after you’ve been in a single position for a time, causing your workload to become routine. After a while, maintaining engagement can be challenging, leading you to view your current job in a negative light.

However, if you still appreciate your company’s culture, approach to compensation and other benefits, making a move internally could be your best option. It allows you to stay with the employer long-term while accessing something new, engaging, and challenging.

If you want to explore this path, schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your career. Before the meeting, gather information about your daily tasks, reflect on your skills and performance, and consider which promotional or lateral positions you find appealing.

During the meeting, let your manager know that you’re interested in moving up. Find out what it will take to access new opportunities at the company, welcoming any insights they may have about skills you need to develop or steps you’ll want to take.

If you need to take action to become eligible – and your manager is open to it – see if they will help you craft a plan for advancement. The plan could include professional development, new responsibilities, placement on skill-building projects, or other approaches.

If you’re already qualified, ask your manager if they would refer you to an appropriate vacancy or advocate for a promotional opportunity. As long as your manager is supportive of your growth, they may be more than happy to help.

Looking Outside of Your Employer for Opportunities

When promotional opportunities aren’t available and won’t be for some time, it could be time for an external job search. This is also true if your lack of job satisfaction relates to not just your job but the company, causing a change in position to be an ineffective solution.

Since you don’t want to jeopardize your current role, make sure you continue to handle your duties appropriately. Keeping your performance high is a must, particularly for job security and when you may need this employer to act as a reference.

After that, launch your job search discreetly. Don’t use company assets, but do make updates to your LinkedIn page with update alerts turned off and interview outside of work hours.

Often, if you want to keep your search activities private, working with a recruitment firm can be a great option. You’ll get allies who can assist with a confidential job search, helping you access more opportunities while you focus on your current job.

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