How Can You Be More Selective with Your Applications and Actually Find the Right Talent?

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Finding the right talent in a competitive market requires the right strategy. Often, you need to strike a balance during your selection process, ensuring you find applicants with the necessary core skills and the potential to thrive without opening the door too widely.

Having a refined, methodical selection process is often the best way to ensure you screen enough talent in while preventing poor matches from taking too much of your time.

If you need to find the right talent, here’s how to develop an application screening process that works.

Focus on the Right Core Skills

While it may seem like including a long list of must-have skills works in your favor, that typically isn’t the case. Many candidates who could reasonably do the job will screen themselves out if they don’t have every qualification. Since that’s the case, requesting too many skills could leave you with too few applications, as well as cause you to miss out on candidates with genuine potential.

Instead, you should be more selective with your application by identifying a handful of skills that candidates genuinely need on day one. Essentially, you want to outline core competencies that you can’t reasonably train the new hire in once they’re in the position. That way, you focus on legitimate needs without screening people out due to missing skills that are technically wanted.

Openly Discuss Your Company Culture

Culture fit is often crucial for success. Additionally, many professionals are increasingly focused on culture fit when reviewing opportunities.

By outlining your company culture in your job ads (and in other places online), you can increase the quality of your matches. Typically, candidates will review the information and only apply if they feel your company culture meets their needs. Since that’s the case, you may end up with stronger fits simply because you’re encouraging job seekers to be self-selective in that regard.

Welcome Referrals from Current Employees

A referral program is a potent tool when you want to increase the quality of your candidates. Current employees understand what it takes to thrive in various roles and at the company. As a result, they usually won’t recommend a professional unless they’re confident the person could meet or exceed expectations and fit in reasonably well.

Additionally, when an employee refers another professional, they’re putting their reputation on the line. Since that’s the case, your employees will be selective inherently, increasing the odds that you’ll mainly receive referrals on top-tier matches.

Partner with a Recruitment Firm

When you want to boost the quality of your matches quickly and efficiently, partnering with a recruitment firm is an ideal option. You’ll get assistance from recruitment experts, ensuring you can connect with the right type of candidate in less time.

If you would like to learn more about how a recruitment firm can help you be more selective with your applications and access the right talent, the team at Hamilton-Ryker wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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