Are Your Recruitment Marketing Pillars in Place?

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Connecting with top talent is increasingly difficult. Along with a shrinking labor market, demand for specific skill sets is reaching a fever pitch, resulting in rising competition among employers. Since that’s the case, companies must go above and beyond to stand out from the pack.

With the right recruitment marketing pillars in place, it’s far easier to connect with the candidates you need. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some key areas that deserve attention.

Career Sites

Career sites are often the foundation of a robust recruitment strategy. However, choosing the right ones is often tricky. If you default to major job boards, you may reach the most people. The issue is that the vast majority of job seekers who see your listing won’t be solid fits. Even with that being the case, many will apply anyway, leaving you drowning in resumes for ill-suited candidates.

By choosing Hamilton-Ryker instead, you’ll be listed on a career site that better targets your needs. You’ll have an easier time reaching local candidates with solid skill sets. Plus, you’ll get assistance from the Hamilton-Ryker recruiters, ensuring you can find a top-quality match in less time.

Job Descriptions

While it may not seem like the job descriptions in your job ads are marketing material, they technically fall in that category. If the details aren’t well-expressed and enticing, you’ll have trouble reaching the talent you need. Candidates do make initial judgments regarding employers based on this information. By impressing, you’ll end up with stronger matches and more engagement.

Overall, you want to ensure candidates can clearly see how their efforts further critical goals, allowing them to see how meaningful the work is, not just what the duties involve. Additionally, you want to include an overview of day-to-day life in the role along with highlighting exciting aspects, giving job seekers the full picture.

Social Media

Recruitment marketing on social media involves far more than just posting job ads if you want to connect with top talent. Along the way, you also need to focus on engagement, ensuring you take time to connect with job seekers beyond the initial post.

Review comments to see if there are questions you can answer. Hop into discussions to show you’re involved and interested in the perspective of those who commented. Share beneficial information openly and freely. That helps you go beyond simple advertising, allowing you to capture engagement and boost your results.

Employer Branding

Having a strong, clear employer brand is a potent tool. It helps candidates see what your company brings to the table, giving them insights into the employee experience and what they have to gain by joining your team.

Through every recruitment channel, take the time to showcase your culture, mission, and values. Also, highlight your employees and let them discuss their experiences. By doing so, candidates will feel more informed and connected to your company, increasing the odds that they’ll apply.

Ultimately, each of the areas is a critical recruitment marketing pillar, making them worth focusing on when you need candidates. If you’d like to learn more, the team at Hamilton-Ryker wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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