Here’s How You Should Describe Yourself to a Potential Employer

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During an interview, it’s common to face off against classic interview questions like, “How would you describe yourself?” or “Can you give me three words that describe who you are as a professional?” While these questions are simple on the surface, they’re often surprisingly tough to answer. Fortunately, by using the right strategy, it’s easier to head in the best possible direction. Here’s a look at how you should describe yourself to a potential employer.

Make Your Response an Honest One

First and foremost, it’s critical that you’re honest when you’re describing yourself to a hiring manager. Ideally, you want to focus on traits that you clearly demonstrate on the job. Otherwise, if you’re hired, your manager will often notice the disconnect between what you claim and how you act, creating a point of contention or conflict.

Choose Words That Align with the Job Description

While you likely possess a multitude of positive traits that help you excel on the job, you want to focus on characteristics that provide the hiring manager you’re speaking with clear value. Review the job description to prepare an answer in advance. See if specific traits are listed as required or desirable, or if any align closely with the nature of the responsibilities.

By using this approach, you aren’t just showcasing beneficial traits; you’re positioning yourself as a strong candidate. As a result, it’s the ideal strategy if you want to ensure you look like an exceptional fit.

Select Terms That Connect to the Company’s Culture, Mission, and Values

Another option for terms that you can include is finding traits that mesh with the company’s culture, mission, or values. Often, you can lead about an organization’s mission and values on its website. See if any characteristics are features or repeatedly mentioned, and consider discussing those if you possess them, as well.

When it comes to the company’s culture, social media and employer review sites are excellent resources. See if you can get an idea of what the workplace is like and the types of personalities that thrive within it. Then, if you have traits that align with the workplace, you can bring those up in your answer.

Provide Supporting Examples to Showcase the Trait

When you mention a trait, you don’t want to end your answer there. Instead, it’s best to provide supporting evidence. Discuss a work-related example of a time when a specific characteristic helped you excel in the position. While you want to keep this part of your answer brief, the example gives you a way to show how you leverage that characteristic in the workplace to achieve success, which further positions you as a stronger candidate.

Ultimately, using the strategy above helps you find an engaging way to describe yourself to a potential employer, ensuring you make the best possible impression. If you’re interested in more job interview tips or are currently searching for new opportunities, Hamilton-Ryker wants to hear from you. Check out our job listings or contact one of our recruiters today.

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